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NOGOSA Soluciones Constructivas® was born in the year 2004 as a trademark of Pavinovel® with the aim of manufacturing and supplying tools, molds for stamped concrete and molds and rollers for vertical coating to warehouses of construction materials and hardware stores. In the same year was signed an exclusive contract with the prestigious American brand Marshalltown® to distribute its tools in Spain and Portugal.

After the great acceptance of NOGOSA Soluciones Constructivas® it is in 2008 when it finally starts its business management independently. The exclusivity agreement signed with Marshalltown® continues and COLOTOOL® is created as a proprietary brand of NOGOSA Soluciones Constructivas® tools.

Since 2004, NOGOSA Soluciones Constructivas® has shown its products and developments at the most important trade fair events in Spain and the world, such as Construmat in Barcelona and Construtec in Madrid, such as World of concrete in Las Vegas, Batimat en Paris or Concrete in Porto.

With perseverance and dedication, NOGOSA Soluciones Constructivas® distributes its products all over the world.




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Llana; dentada; biselada; biflex; flexible; mezclador; esponja; raspador; raspín; m

Trowel; toothed beveled biflex; flexible; mixer; sponge; scraper; raspín; rubber mallet; trowel of grout; fratasa; spatula; cross-piece; talocha; swirl gun; sausage; silicone; polyurethane foam; palette; llaguero; shovel; legona; Legion spokeshave; rake rake; mace; alcotana; picoleta pickaxe; peak; hammer; pot, encofrador; desencofrador; chill chisel; pincers; shortbread; regle; aluminum; level; meter; flexometer; kneepads; scraper tracer; blue; tracer powder; sprayer; tape; anti-drop roller; thermofusion; impregnable wheel; rubber cube; carrycot; stew resin; bridge of union; Nogotack; consolidating; retardant concrete; anti-slip; acid stripping; alkaline paint stripper; rubber; binder; epoxy; universal solvent; solvent resin; resin water; microcement; printed monolayer; release agent; polyurethane; primer; putty; pigments; water repellent; nogoroad; patinas, waxes; cutting disks; asphalt; concrete; work; ceramics; porcelain tile; tungsten carbide; sanding discs; sanding plates; orbital; feestool; rotex; Bosch; dewalt; makita; aluminum staircase; extensible; Bank; multipositions; multipurpose trapezoidal regle; Polypropylene; rope; twisted nylon; braided; brush; metal; broom; mop; mocho mangoes; wringer; picker; ship brush; Street sweeper; laziness, shading mesh, scaffolding, hail; Trimming scissors; rake; clippers; hoe; plain steel; stainless; concave pafellis; scraper; monolayer; sponge; fratasa; spatula; portapasta; portapastas; coil make-up palette llaguero; wrapper; punt; elevator; punching machine; scissors; rasp; scraper yesaire; saw; Mountain range; knife; cutter; knife; cutex; carbide; tungsten; hammer; portalija; level; magnetic; stilts; scraper screw; laystone; Board; flexible; natural stone; pallet; palette; canary; brush; Brush; roller; antigota; thermofusion; velor; bucket; applicator; curb wrapper; automatic; automatic Columbia; goldblatt; level5; pump charge; swan neck; box; finish; corner; terminator feeder; screw cap; nozzle; enforcer texturizer; mold; coating; vertical; monolayer; wall; texture; valance brick; face side; rustic; stone; ashlar; sandstone; slab wood; auction; pool; edging machine; gauge garga; groover; edger; California; talocha; magnesium; maneuver; mango; button; ram; tamper; roger; sprayer; extension tracer; blue; tracer; dust; formwork; mold, molds; concrete; printed; cobble; spike; irregular; stone; ashlar; slab; travertine; slab; mosaic; wood; texture; valance self-leveling; multilayer; hair comb; notched trowel; graduated jar; leveling system; cradle; base; pliers crossheads; Cube; basket bunker; drawer; rubber; sate; isolation; table; cut; thread; hot; knife; thermal; mesh; fiber; glass; painting, waterproofing; veil; surface; mat emulsion.